DIY Weekend

More time spent outside with these warm days has given me a chance to see how badly I’ve neglected the house and yard in the last two years.  It is time to do something about that – on a budget.    Sure it would be nice to call up a pressure washing and landscaping company to come do everything on my list.  But it is so much more rewarding to break a sweat and do it ourselves.

$96 for mulch, $10 for lawnmower, pressure washer and weed eater gas, and maybe $25 for porch paint before I call it quits.  Not bad considering a friend recently spent $400 to have her house pressure washed and I spent $400 three years ago to have someone put down mulch all around the house.

There are more benefits to DIY than just money savings:

  • Time spent with the boy
  • Health benefits of exercise
  • Vitamin D from the sunshine
  • A nice tan
  • Learning experience for the boy

After getting started on the to do list, I realize this project will take more than one weekend with two unskilled laborers who are used to sitting in the air conditioning using our hands on a computer keyboard.  Rakes, shovels, wheel barrels and the like take the use of muscles not required while sitting in front of a computer.  That too is a good thing about DIY.  It makes me think of how blessed we are to live in an age when the convenience of air conditioning and running water are available to us.

A little bleach and elbow grease on the patio with a scrub brush prior to using the pressure washer has brought the pavers back to life.  A little 409 on the patio furniture followed by a pressure washer rinse and the spider webs and pollen have departed.  Now sitting under the tree on the patio to watch the fireflies flicker at dusk is much more enjoyable.  All for a little less than a dollar in cleaning supplies.  Now that is easy on the budget!

The weeds have been pulled from the flowerbeds and Roundup will take care of the weeds lurking just below the surface.  Fresh mulch will go down early in the morning before the sun gets too hot.  The satisfaction that comes from doing it ourselves is still lost on the teenager in the house.  However, he knows I am grateful for his assistance.

The list is still long, but we are much closer to curb appeal and have spent very little money.  By the end of next week we should be able to have a cookout and enjoy the great outdoors a little more.  Maybe I’ll write next about cooking out on a budget.  Enjoy your summer y’all!



About boyonabudget

Did you graduate from high school or college and wonder why you never took a class on balancing your checkbook, building a household budget or stretching your paycheck from one week to the next? I bet most of us asked ourselves that at some point soon after getting out in the real world on our own. Well we can’t go back and ask for a do-over. But we can help our kids avoid that question. Let’s teach them now while they are still living at home and have the Mom and/or Dad safety net to catch them when they fall. I have eighteen years of marketing (print, web and broker) experience with the number one health insurer in America. That is how I pay the bills. Being a mom, writing a book and blogging is how I feed my creativity. I’m writing a guide for teaching kids to manage money wisely. If the adults learn a thing or two along the way, that’s all the better. Join me on a journey to financial freedom!
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