Get a Second Job Already!

I’m sure this topic makes you tired just thinking about it.  However, I’m at a plateau on my spending diet.  There can’t possibly be another dollar I can squeeze out of my budget and still enjoy life.  So I guess I’ll tackle the issue the same way I do my eating diet – I love to eat!  Rather than passing up dessert, I work out a little harder or a little longer.

Rather than passing up a great sale on my favorite brand of shoes, I’ll just find a way to earn more money so I can afford the little splurges here and there.  I keep getting offers to sell my writing.  However, I’m not willing to sell my rights to my thought.  So in the short term I need to find a few free-lance writing gigs for local advertising agencies.

How about you?  How could you earn a little extra cash to avoid a spending diet burn out?  Do your neighbors need help with yard work?  You could get a two-fold benefit – extra cash and a chance to work on your tan.  Or if sweating in the sun is out of the question for you, what else could you do in the evenings or on the weekends to generate some cash?

If you have great organizational skills, you could post an ad on Craigslist for your services (organizing garages, attics, walk-in closets, etc.)  Who knows you may find that another person’s junk could turn into your treasure when you sell it on Craigslist, E-bay or the local consignment shop.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Cater meals to local shut-ins (those feisty little ladies who need help but refuse to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility)
  • Sell homemade cakes, pies and other desserts to local restaurants
  • Clean professional offices after hours
  • Car detailing – advertise for free on Craigslist or your own facebook page
  • Resume assistance – buy some really nice paper and sell your writing services along with 10 final copies printed on the nice paper.  $50 here and there could add up fast.
  • Work 2 or 3 part-time shifts each week at your favorite store and enjoy the employee discount on pay day.  Hey that might work for me and my shoe fetish.

The best piece of advice is to spend your time at the second job doing something you love so it doesn’t feel so much like work.  It could even become your stress relief from your “real job.”

If you have any ideas for generating extra cash, drop me a line at


About boyonabudget

Did you graduate from high school or college and wonder why you never took a class on balancing your checkbook, building a household budget or stretching your paycheck from one week to the next? I bet most of us asked ourselves that at some point soon after getting out in the real world on our own. Well we can’t go back and ask for a do-over. But we can help our kids avoid that question. Let’s teach them now while they are still living at home and have the Mom and/or Dad safety net to catch them when they fall. I have eighteen years of marketing (print, web and broker) experience with the number one health insurer in America. That is how I pay the bills. Being a mom, writing a book and blogging is how I feed my creativity. I’m writing a guide for teaching kids to manage money wisely. If the adults learn a thing or two along the way, that’s all the better. Join me on a journey to financial freedom!
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