8 signs there may be a budget problem in your home

Eight Signs That There May Be A Problem:

1. Parents (and Grandparents) rarely say no to the children’s requests at stores

2. Children drop things in the shopping cart without asking and fully expecting the adult in his life to purchase whatever he wants

3. There is only a path from the child’s bedroom door to his bed

4. There is more week (or month) at the end of the paycheck

5. There is no budget that Mom and Dad follow so they don’t really even know how much they are spending on the children’s wishes

6. Christmases and birthdays don’t seem all that special because so much is given throughout the rest of the year

7. Buyer’s remorse sets in soon after Christmas or a birthday

8. The child throws a hissy fit, tantrum or other embarrassing scene when told “no” at the store

Just because all or nearly all of these signs exist at your house does not mean all hope should be lost. In fact, you can stop the madness!! You can make a plan, work the plan and find success in teaching your boy (or girl) the real value of a dollar.

If you have ideas that might help other families, please send an email to boyonabudget@yahoo.com.  We can all stop the madness together!


About boyonabudget

Did you graduate from high school or college and wonder why you never took a class on balancing your checkbook, building a household budget or stretching your paycheck from one week to the next? I bet most of us asked ourselves that at some point soon after getting out in the real world on our own. Well we can’t go back and ask for a do-over. But we can help our kids avoid that question. Let’s teach them now while they are still living at home and have the Mom and/or Dad safety net to catch them when they fall. I have eighteen years of marketing (print, web and broker) experience with the number one health insurer in America. That is how I pay the bills. Being a mom, writing a book and blogging is how I feed my creativity. I’m writing a guide for teaching kids to manage money wisely. If the adults learn a thing or two along the way, that’s all the better. Join me on a journey to financial freedom!
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