A Bag Full of Peppers

Never turn down free fresh produce!  A neighbor gave us a shopping bag full of fresh green peppers.  The peppers sat on the kitchen table for a few days while I decided what to do with them.  This morning an epiphany arrived – make stuffed green peppers. 

4 pounds of hamburger for $16

16 oz. of rice for 76 cents

3 jars of pasta sauce for $4.50

spices (onion, garlic, oregano, basil, salt and pepper) already on hand

plastic storage bags already on hand

RESULT = 14 meals

Cost $1.51 per meal

Plus I pulled 2 cups of brown beef to the side to save for chili tomorrow.  And there was enough beef and rice stuffing left over to use for burritos later in the week.  Basically another 6 meals for the price of 2 cans of beans, 1 can of tomato sauce and 6 burrito shells.

Being frugal and creative is fun!  Knowing there is great homemade food in the freezer to pull out when the snow starts flying is satisfying.

Never turn down fresh produce just because you don’t know what to do with it at first glance.  Freezing and canning is always a great option.

Share your ideas of how to use large quantities of fresh produce by leaving a comment here or sending an email to boyonabudget@yahoo.com.

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